Wholesale Used Books

Unpicked & Unsearched Pallets for Amazon Sellers

We’re experienced book sellers providing unpicked, unsearched pallets of used books for $225/pallet. Our business is highly profitable and we’re now wholesaling to a few select customers (the added sales volume helps us source the books more economically).



Take a look at our December 2016 results on Amazon (image below).


We would be delighted to schedule a time for you to visit our warehouse to see the books and our FBA operation!


If you want 4+ pallets, the bulk price is $205/pallet (you save $20 per pallet)
If you want 10+ pallets. the bulk price is $190/pallet (you save $35 per pallet)


These books are completely unsearched and unpicked as we received them. Subjects and quality will be varied just as we receive them but most will be good to acceptable. Each pallet contains approximately 800-1100 used books.


For Pick up: You must have a trailer or truck so we can load the books with our forklift. Some clients load the books into their cars which has also worked well.
For Delivery: We will schedule freight to deliver to your location. Shipping will be added on to your total.


We typically have 100-200 pallets available per month.


Please email  ed@2swellguys.com for more details or with any questions you may have and please include your cell number so we can text.